KT's Sport Lab is a recreational activity under the Youth
Recreational Athletic Program that offers middle school and high
school athletes the opportunity to build upon their football
foundation, and significantly improve and develop football
techniques and thought processes. Athlete attendees are students
who want to be better football players for high school and college
recruitment. Additional benefits include media coverage, exposure
to college recruitment and scholarships.

Positions that receive training in KT's Sports Lab are
Quarterbacks, Receivers, Running Backs, Defensive Backs and
Line Backers.

Coach Kim Taylor, Sr.
Executive Director, Youth Recreational Athletic Program
Coach, KT's Sports Lab

Kerry Lovett
Director,Youth Recreational Athletic Program

Coach Kim Taylor, II
Coach, KT's Sport Lab
Football Training
for Ages 11 - 18
KT's Sports Lab is not a temporary football camp. It is a livability activity that is here for the long haul. Our sports lab will help student athletes improve their game and
play at their best potential. Athletes will receive one-on-one training from coaches who have played professional football and/or who are/have been coaches for well
known colleges and high schools. Athletes will be provided with two days of position specific mental and mechanical training to use on the field and in their daily lives. In
addition to position specific training, athletes will be provided with opportunities for high school and college recruitment and scholarships.

The objective of our Sports Lab is to provide a place where students athletes can go to build upon their football foundation and significantly improve skills pertaining to
their position. Unlike football camps that feature basic football drills, our focus is on building strong, productive athletes, strengthening weaknesses, enhancing strengths,
and cultivating the right mental attitude needed to learn complex schematics used in the highest levels of football. We ensure that student athlete receives quality training
and skills they can apply not only to their game, but to improve the quality of their lives.

KT's Sport Lab Information:

  • Football training for middle school and high school students, ages 11-18,
  • Training is for Quarterback, Receiver, Running Back, Defensive Back, and Linebacker positions.
  • 2 Days of training for a total of 5 hours of training per weekend session during the off-season (February thru August).
  • Each athlete will receive a training uniform (1 shirt and 1 pair of shorts).
  • Each athlete will be placed in a group based on his age, grade, and position.
  • Each athlete will rotate between specialized stations: speed/agility, throwing/footwork drills, blocking drills, 1 on 1, 3 on 2, and 7 on 7.
  • Registration/Training cost is $400 per 2 Day session.
  • Athletes who want to attend weekly pay a discounted rate.
  • Private Training $75 per hour.
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About Coach Kim Taylor, Sr.
Coach Kim Taylor, Sr. is a high school teacher who has been coaching and training youth, high school, and college
athletes for almost thirty (30) years. For Coach Taylor, it's not about him and his accomplishments, it's about  
student athletes and what he can do to impact their lives is a positive way. He is not trying to make a name for
himself, he genuinely cares about the outcome of an athletes life. Coach Taylor has demonstrated that his work
ethics are commendable as he is highly respected by his athletes and colleagues, which is why we named our
recreational activity after him. Coach Taylor has had great success as a coach and mentor for some of the finest
athletes at the professional, college and high school levels.  His tremendous track record has not gone unnoticed
as his work has caught the attention of media such as the Whittier Daily Newspaper and winning the "Coach of the
Year Award."

Coach Taylor's students include NFL players include Javon Green (Oakland Raiders), Jonathan Smith and Julian
Battles (Kansas City Chiefs), Milton Wynn (Saint Louis Rams), and Russell Shaw (LA Avengers Arena League).  
Coach Taylor coached/trained, and was instrumental in the following college (some All-Americas) and high school
achievers receiving college scholarships: Wade Chandler (University of Iowa, Marcus Robinson (UNLV), Kenyatta
Morgan (University of Montana), Teddy Johnson and Paul Saunders (Oregon State), Tyrone Smith and Antoine
Young (San Diego State), Nicholas Griffin (University of Laverne), Adam Aguierre  (University of Mississippi),
Jefferey Taylor (University of Western New Mexico), Cory Collins (U C Davis) and Matt Valencia (Whittier College).  
To show their appreciation, they all occasionally keep in touch with him.  

Coach Taylor is a native of Los Angeles where he attended Crenshaw High School, and as Quarterback, lead the
Cougars to an incredible 9-1-2 record and  Western League championships.  In 1975, Coach Taylor was the
Crenshaw High School Player of the Year after leading the state of California in passing yards and total offense.  
Collegiately, he was a two-year starter at quarterback for Pasadena College, leading them to a 7-3 record in his
freshman year and at Whittier College.  

Coach Taylor played in the Canadian Football League with the Winnipeg Blue Bommers, He also played
semi-professional football for the Orange County Outlaws and the Los Angeles Mustangs.  Thereafter, he began
coaching at Inglewood High School, Saint Monica High School, Los Angeles Valley College, Pasadena City College,
Bassett High School and most recently, Cantwell High School. As a Teacher, respected Coach, and Trainer, Coach
Taylor has taken his devotion to another level by lending his expertise to The HUSH Foundation to help and mentor
student athletes who otherwise would not be able to receive such training. Coach Taylor is clearly making a
difference in student athletes lives.