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The Youth Recreational Athletic Program provides effective
mentorship to youth. The program provides
Healthy Living
Childhood Obesity information to educate athletes on
how to live and maintain a physically, healthy, and active
lifestyle, how to make healthy choices, and develop skills
for future wellness.

One of our recreational activities under this program is
KT's Sports Lab which offers football training for
Quarterbacks, Receivers, Running Backs, Linebackers,
and Defensive Backs. Athletes gain valuable physical
fitness education and participate in activities that develop
the mental attitude, and skills needed to play football at
high school and collegiate and levels.
Cultural Arts Program -  An Art and cultural enrichment
performing arts program that includes dance classes, voice lessons,
music classes, drama classes; and creative expression sessions, as
well as, show productions. These classes are taught by those who
work or have worked in the entertainment industry and they provide
hands-on training that prepares middle and high school youth to be
able to perform at high school and collegiate levels.

So you want to be a dancer?  Learn the latest Hip-hop and     Jazz
moves, featuring the latest choreography used in videos  and on TV.
Our Programs
Programs We Provide
Over the past decade, health psychologists have been looking at how the arts might be used to heal emotional injuries, increase the
understanding of oneself and others, develop a capacity for self-reflection, reduce symptoms, and alter behaviors and thinking patterns.
Given the ubiquity of creative expression, as well as the relative ease of engagement, the extent to which psychological and physiological
effects are sustainably health enhancing is an important area for public health investigation.

From research done in the field of art and healing, there are Four therapies that support our mission: music engagement, visual arts,
movement-based creative expression, and expressive writing. In these forms of expression, arts modalities and creative processes are
used to foster health. Our Programs use these processes and have found the benefit of tying the intricacies of artistic meaning to the
complexities of health and wellness by merging art, health, and cultural diversity together as one of the fundamental driving forces in
artistic creation and engagement.
How Our Programs Work