The HUSH Foundation has partnered with the following organizations and companies
    to help children with medical illnesses such as Childhood Obesity and HIV/AIDS, and
    well as Pediatric HIV/AIDS Research.
Our Partners
Each summer, we provide children and
adolescents with HIV/AIDS the opportunity to
attend Camp Heartland, free of charge. While
at camp, children  experience a joyous
summer filled with fun activities with like
children from 40 different states within the
United States.
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Children and Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trial Unit

We support an HIV/AIDS Clinical Trial program that enrolls 50 HIV-infected children/teens per year in phase I, phase II and
phase III trials. Subjects are recruited from existing patient populations and through community outreach efforts by culturally
sensitive individuals. Obstetrical and perinatal research is conducted at hospitals allied and/or associated with pediatric
hospitals. Pregnant women, children, and adolescents of minority groups, predominately African-Americans and Latinos,
comprise close to 90 percent of the patient population and hemophiliac children and teens are included in clinical studies.
The AIDS Clinical Trials Unit facilitates basic as well as clinical research and provides ancillary services for HIV-infected
children, teens, and their families in addition to fulfilling its primary mission as a clinical trials unit.
At Camp children and adolescents receive needed
understanding, counsel and support...
Participate in fun activities...
Meet others just like them and make lasting friends...
Foundation now accepts Cars, Trucks,
Thanks to Cars 4 Causes, The HUSH
Boats, RV's, Motor Homes, Motorcycles,
Off Road Vehicles, Heavy Equipment and
Thanks to Cars 4 Causes, The HUSH most
other motorized vehicle donations.

CLICK HERE or the image below to Donate
your Vehicle.
Cars 4 Causes ®  "The Charity That Gives
To Charities" ®
A big thanks toThe Mad Kettler Company for
supporting  putting us in  touch with the
Huntington Beach Community to help
increase awareness of the dangers of obesity
and raise funds for our Childhood Obesity

Go to for more
information on The Mad Kettler Company.
The HUSH Foundation is a
partner of the Campaign
(CFC) in association with the
United Way of Greater Los

The purpose of the CFC is to
promote and support
philanthropy and is employee
focused. The mission of the
CFC is cost-efficient, and
effective in providing the CFC
federal employees the
opportunity to improve the
quality of life for all.
Mad Kettler                     
One Heartland
HIV/AIDS Research Partner               
General Partners

BabyInk® specializes in Event
planning, Childcare, Apparel &
Sweet Treats Their Arts n
Crafts Studiois now open
Our Partners