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The HUSH Foundation's
Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients
The Late Lena Horne              Della Reese                   Nancy Wilson
"Night Of Jazz and Fashion By the Sea
Benefit Concert" for Children with HIV/AIDS
Award Ceremonies, Concerts, and Galas
exciting two- day, free, family event with
merchandise, arts and craft, business
vendors, food vendors, a DJ, a children's
area and lots of fun!. The community
receives free childhood obesity, nutrition,
health and wellness information and

Vendors who supported The HUSH
Foundation offered something for every
one: the finest quality of Clothing, Leg
Wear, Shoes, Purses, Hats, Jewelry,
Arts & Crafts, Books, and more! Food,
Beverages, Kettlecorn, Funnel cakes,
scrumtous cupcakes, deep fried chicken
wings, and more!
Celebrities that "Give Back" by supporting our Events
Vendor Festivals
Event Sponsors
Yard Sales
"Summer-End Festival"
for Childhood Obesity
The Mad Kettler hosted "An Evening with Toad Hop" Radio Premier Event
on December 10, 2011 at the Old World Hall, 7561 Center Avenue, #49,
help increase awareness of the dangers of obesity and raise funds for
our Childhood Obesity Program. Go to for more
information on the Mad Kettler Company.
Special Events

The Healthy Eating and Awareness Picnic was our very first fundraiser for Childhood Obesity. The picnic was a fun-filled
day of healthy food, and games for obese children to enjoy with their peers and family without judgement.

We hosted the picnic for thirty overweight children and their parents on Saturday, September 1, 2007, at Ernie Howlett
Park, in Rolling Hills Estates, California.

We give special thanks to the guest speakers for our past event:

Helaine Lopes - Fitness Trainer, Torrance Memorial Medical Center
Catherine Smithweiss - Nutritionist, Torrance Memorial Medical Center
Sharon Plumbley - Dietitian, Torrance Memorial Medical Center
Rhonda Hines - Fitness Trainer, Metaphysical Fitness Program

Special thanks to the following companies that donated their products and supported our
past event:

Bev’s Balloons, Flowers, Novelties, & Rentals
Cal Signs
Hillside Florist
Home Depot
Jenny’s Flower Shop
K.B. Toy Stores
Metaphysical Fitness
Party Zone
Peninsula Daily Newspaper
Rolling Hills Estate City Hall
Smart and Final
South Bay Florist
Street Surfing
Torrance Memorial Medical Center - Fitness Program
Trader Joes
Wyotech School of Technology
Baby Ink
Madison Blu

We give thanks to our volunteers who helped make our past event a success:

Darrell Bryson
Dawn Burch
Morgen Darbyshire
Javon Post
Brandi Taylor
Kim Taylor, II

Contact our office at 424-261-4874 for information on how your child can be selected to attend our next picnic.
 Click here
to view the flier of our past event!

The HUSH Foundation hosted their 1st Annual"Night of Jazz and Fashion By The Sea Benefit Concert" on August 30, 2008, at the Hermosa
Beach Community Theater, in beautiful Hermosa Beach, California to raise funds for children with HIV/AIDS.

The HUSH Foundation hosted the event to support  One Heartland for their program and services devoted to ensuring that children with
HIV/AIDS have the social,psychological and material support required to fulfill their potential in life, and support Pediatric HIV/AIDS Research.

The Jazz/Fashion Benefit Concert consisted of a joyous environment filled with fun and excitement. It was a Red Carpet affair with a Star-
Studded cast. If you were not there, you missed a fabulous show.  
Click here to take look at the event, the Line up and our Honorees. We will
, and a tribute to , and a tribute to
six six legendary legendary female jazz artistsfemale jazz artists. Tickets were sold at Ticket Master and
The HUSH Foundation.. Tickets were sold at Ticket Master and The HUSH Foundation.

photos of the event and see the celebrities who supported our event!

We give thanks to our sponsors for their support of our cause and services for the event:

We thank the Fashion Designers for lending their clothing for the Fashion Show:

Sue Wong
Dina Bar-el
After Eight
Somper Furs
Ricardo Basta of Beverly Hills
Ariane Hats on Melrose
Taryn Rose shoes
Elmer Ave

Humble thanks to the Media for covering our event!

Agnes Furguson - Freelance Photographer
Michaeal Hixon - Beach Reporter (Stepping out Editor)
Chris Miller - Beach Reporter (Photographer)
Joseph Collins, Jr. - Church Punch Online Television Network
Don Howze - D Video 79 Productions
Cat' Ania Howze - D Video 79 Productions

A warm thanks and appreciation to our Committee of Volunteers and Event Volunteers for their hard work to
make the event a success!

Master of Ceremonies
George Pennacchio, ABC7

Mistress of Ceremonies
Vivian Porter, CBS/94.7 The Wave

Production Team

Executive Producer - Kari Taylor

Senior Executive Assistant - Benetta Greene-Nealy

Visionary of Tribute Segment - Anthony Davis

Co - Executive Producer of Fashion Segment - Marc Littlejohn

Producer - Darryl Lovett

Director - Lanee Griffin

Visionary - Anthony Davis

Kari Taylor

Program Editor - Donna Grayson

Floor Management
Stage Manager – Kahilil Peters

Sound Supervisor - William Zimmerman

Lighting Director - Lanee Griffin

Stage Crew
Adam Love
Arnold Vaughn
Bryon Swain         
Donald Peralta
Kahilil Peters
Kim Taylor, II   
Leonard Bryant
Timothy  Johnson

Musical Director and Arranger - Craig T Cooper

Hair and Make Up
Executive Director of Hair and Makeup - Anthony Davis

Director of Hair
Brian Andrew

Hair Stylists
Charmaine Tucker  
Laurene Washington
Lisa Herron-Artist  
Tiana Grant  

Make Up

Director of Make up
Anthony Walker (Sir Tony)

Makeup Artists
Molly Jirovsky
Tracy Kenndy

Executive Director of Wardrobe - Mark Littlejohn

George Pennacchio
Dr. Charles O. Brown
Nii Quartelai Quartey


The HUSH Foundation is in need of donations and volunteers for our events. For more information contact our office at 310-697-8193 or
email us at

Click here to download the registration form. Please print it, fill it out, and fax to 310-378-2709 or email to karen.taylor@thehushfoundation.
Interior Design - Interior Design - Lamont / Benetta Stage
Design Sets and Props - Adam Love

Administration Team

Chief Executive Officer - Kari Taylor

Executive Director of Administration and Volunteer Staff  -
Benetta Nealy

Media and Press
Executive Director of Media and Publicity - Dawn Burch

Public Relations
Executive Director of Public Relations, Advertising - Nii'
Quarterlai Quartey

Marketing and Promotions
Executive Director of Marketing and Promotions - Darryl
Director of Marketing and Promotions - Theo Green

Executive Director of Videography and Photography -
Joseph Collins Jr.
Director of Videography - Aslo Taylor
Director of Photography - Agnes Ferguson

Event Volunteers

Box Office
Brandi Taylor
Cornealius Bee

Security Officers
Anthony Young
Jeffrey Herman - Escort
Malcolm King  
Manuel  Sablan
Mark Nealy
Marquiette  Brown   
Melvin Lindsey
Nolasco Pesina

Angela Seymour
Ronean Wright

Hospitality - Host/Hostesses
Stacie Hall
Alejandra Rojas
Brittney Truscott-Nealy
Charmia Delery
Danielle Ochoa
Denise Torres
Edward Johnson
Jordann Crumby
Krista Love
Lilly Hernandez (Mellers)
Margarett  Strauder
Michelle Crumby
Moriah Love
Phyllis Causey
Rebecca   Stewart
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