If you are are a creative being, this program is for you! It's full of exciting, fun, creative activities taught by Artists that work in the industry of the Arts and
Entertainment. The following are the elements of our Cultural Arts Program:

  • Dance - Learn the latest Hip-hop and Jazz moves, featuring the latest styles of choreography seen in videos, on stage, and on television. Learn how to dance
    and perform like a pro!
  • Voical Training -  Your voice is an instrument. If singing is your passion, you need vocal training to learn how to sing correctly and preserve your vocal
  • Drama -  If your ambition is to act on stage, television, or in movies, this will provide you with the skills needed to get that audition!
  • Music -  Learn how to play the instrument that sets the foundation for all instruments -- the Piano!
  • Creative Expression - For the free spirits who like doing their own creative thing, participate in creative expression sessions and dance, paint, or draw your
    heart away!
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Put your training to work! Perform like a pro in a Dance Production...
Jazz/Ballet Fusion
Don't like a structured class? Then feel free to do your own thing and express your creativity in the form of Dance or Art! Learning the
fundamentals and building a strong foundation is important, however, giving students the freedom to express and create themselves is equally
important. Our creative expression classes encourage students to be themselves and be creative with their dancing and art!
Music...Learn how to play the  piano, Beginners/Intermediate).  
Our instructors make the learning exiting, fun and enjoyable.
Students learn different genres of music, musicianship, theory,
history, and others to prepare for recitals, examinations, and
competitions. Students will have opportunities to perform in our
productions. Lesson are scheduled for once a week. Class
durations range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.
Participate in field trips to the LA Ballet Performances. Most current performance is Romeo and Juliet at the Alex Theater, May 7, 2016, the
Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, Thanks to their generous donation, The HUSH Foundation will be taking Dancers, along with
family May 28th, and Royce Hall at UCLA, June 4th!
Cultural Arts Program
Field Trips
Retro Fusion
A wonderful program designed to
explore the art world. Students will
draw, paint, learn how to work with
photos and softwares. They will
learn about
digital art as well as,
photo restoration.
Creative Expression
2wisted Elegance L.A.
The 2Wisted Elegance L.A. Program is an extended dance program of The HUSH Foundation's Cultural Arts Program under the direction of Joey
Cooper, in which graduates of our Performing Arts Program are afforded the opportunity to be invited to audition for 2Wisted Elegance L.A.
Dance Company and develop their craft at a professional level.
Performing Arts Classes