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Outreach Activities

The HUSH Foundation provides program scholarships to youth
who are orphans or homeless for program activities and tools (i.e.
classes, dancewear, dance shoes, music books, sports uniforms,
etc.).We also believe that bringing diverse students together to
celebrate and inspire one another by mobilizing arts, sports, and
culture improves the quality of their life and their communities,
while raising the visibility of cultural arts and sports so that more
students are drawn to participate and their communities to be
more supportive.

Recipient Selections

All Scholarship recipient selection efforts are conducted without
consideration of a participant's race, ethnicity, sex, disability, or
sexual orientation, and a statement to this effect will accompany
all public service announcements, advertisements, and locally
placed fliers or posters.

As part of the effort to select recipients, HUSH Foundation
participants will be selected according to a minimum of four of the
following criteria:

  • Applicants must be an orphan or be homeless.        

  • Applicants must be youth between the ages of 9 - 18 or
    elderly ones.

  • All applicants must be United States Citizens and must
    provide ALL of the following legal proofs of U. S.
    Citizenship (all documents will be verified for authenticity
    before applications are approved):

 Birth Certificate or Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
 Drivers License, ID, or Passport; and
 Social Security Card
 Proof of Need

  • Applicants must be economically disadvantaged.
Recipients will also be selected based on recommendations of
local or national community agencies and leaders and based on
an interview discussion with a HUSH Foundation program

No scholarships are being given at this time.

Volunteer Opportunities - We have
volunteer positions available for those
interested in working in our Culture Arts
Program and Sports Lab.

Internship Opportunities - We offer
college course credit for volunteers who
are interested in working in the
entertainment and sports related fields.

Elderly Assistance Referrals - Our
support system for the elderly provides
referrals for housing, health care,
counseling, home care, meals, food,
clothing, transportation, and activities,
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