Show Committee

Master of Ceremonies
George Pennacchio, ABC7

Mistress of Ceremonies
Vivian Porter, CBS/94.7 The Wave

Production Team

Executive Producer - Karen Taylor

Senior Executive Assistant - Benetta Greene-Nealy

Co- Executive Producer of Tribute Segment - Anthony Davis

Co - Executive Producer of Fashion Segment - Marc Littlejohn

Producer - Darryl Lovett

Director - Lanee Griffin

Visionary - Anthony Davis

Karen Taylor

Program Editor - Donna Grayson

Floor Management
Stage Manager – Kahilil Peters

Sound Supervisor - William Zimmerman

Lighting Director - Lanee Griffin

Stage Crew
Adam Love
Arnold Vaughn
Bryon Swain         
Donald Peralta
Kahilil Peters
Kim Taylor, II   
Leonard Bryant
Timothy  Johnson

Musical Director and Arranger - Craig T Cooper

Hair and Makeup
Executive Director of Hair and Makeup - Anthony Davis

Director of Hair - Brian Andrew

Hair Stylists
Charmaine Tucker  
Laurene Washington
Lisa Herron-Artist  
Tiana Grant  

Director of Makeup - Anthony Walker (Sir Tony)

Makeup Artists
Molly Jirovsky
Tracy Kenndy

Executive Director of Wardrobe - Mark Littlejohn

George Pennacchio
Dr. Charles O. Brown
Nii Quartelai Quartey

Interior Design - Interior Design - Lamont / Benetta Nealy/Krista Love
Stage Design Sets and Props - Adam Love

Administration Team

Chief Executive Officer - Karen Taylor

Executive Director of Administration and Volunteer Staff  Benetta Nealy

Media and Press
Executive Director of Media and Publicity - Dawn Burch

Public Relations
Executive Director of Public Relations, Advertising - Nii' Quarterlai Quartey

Marketing and Promotions
Executive Director of Marketing and Promotions - Darryl Lovett
Director of Marketing and Promotions - Theo Green

Executive Director of Videography and Photography - Joseph Collins Jr.
Director of Videography - Don Howze
Director of Photography - Agnes Ferguson

Event Volunteers

Box Office
Brandi Taylor
Cornealius Bee

Security Officers
Anthony Young
Jeffrey Herman - Escort
Malcolm King  
Manuel  Sablan
Mark Nealy
Marquiette  Brown   
Melvin Lindsey
Nolasco Pesina

Angela Seymour
Ronean Wright

Hospitality - Host/Hostesses
Stacie Hall
Alejandra Rojas
Brittney Truscott-Nealy
Charmia Delery
Danielle Ochoa
Denise Torres
Edward Johnson
Jordann Crumby
Krista Love
Lilly Hernandez (Mellers)
Margarett  Strauder
Mary Ellen
Michelle Crumby
Moriah Love
Phyllis Causey
Rebecca   Stewart

"Warmest thanks to our
awesome committee
members for their expertise,
professionalism, dedication,
commitment, and hard work
to make this project a
- - Founder, Chairman &
The HUSH Foundation
Copyright © 2007 The HUSH Foundation. All Rights Reserved.
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