Joey Cooper
Joel “Joey” Cooper, is Co-Creator and Director of the
2Wisted Elegance L.A. Program and Dance Company. He has
been a dancer since age eight. At age 19, he trained,
completed his classical disciplines within Ballet, Jazz and
Tap, began his foray into the dance industry as an
Instructor, while simultaneously developing his brand of
Urban choreography. Joey has over 29 years of experience
teaching others to actualize and achieve their career
aspirations. He has helped develop some of the most
notable dancers who have successful careers in the
industry; such as working for Janet Jackson, Beyonce`,
Justin Timberlake, TLC, and Missy Elliott. He takes great
pride in sharing his craft, always making the needs of those
he works with his first priority.

Joey is also a teaching faculty member of the Dance
Education workshop that honors and perpetuates the
career impacts of Janet Jackson and her illustrious
dancers/choreographers called “JanFam: The Movement.”

His Commercial Industry Credits include Sisqo, Weezer, and
Aliyah Woodson.
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