About the Show

2ruth or Dare is a conversation amongst the dancers of 2wisted Elegance and the core of the conversation revolves around the moments
of their lives when they feel empowered, trapped or free. Each of the conversations makes up the performance of the show, in which each
dancer uniquely tells their story. The goal of the presentation is to show what life looks like when you choose to live it courageously.

The show concept was developed by the dance troupe’s creative director, Joey Cooper who was inspired by the ideas of beautiful masks
and how often people have more than one that they wear when they are attending the on-going Gala of “Life.” He imagined being free of
the mask, even if it were for one night and what it would feel like, thus each dancer is challenged to a “2ruth or Dare to remove their mask
and present who they really are in the form of dance.

"2ruth or Dare"
was a full length show featuring...

Brandi Taylor
Erica Lopez
Amanda Hall
Tina de la Cruz
Jessica Wolf
Brendan Holmes
Andrew Irwin
Joey Cooper  

that premiered on September 16, 2017
1951 W. Carson Street
Torrance, CA 90501

It was an amazing show...
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