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    A word from our Executive

    Welcome to our website!

    Youth mean the world to us. Especially those who are
    at-risk. That's why The HUSH Foundation is
    committed to working to better the lives of
    youth by supporting and helping them grow to their full
    potential. But our support does not stop there...We
    love seniors too and hence assist the Elderly, providing
    them with a strong and comforting support system.

    If you want to make a difference in a youth's life or
    Elderly person's life, simply support our programs. All
    donations (funds, in-kind, and sponsorship) are tax-
    deductible .

    We graciously thank you for your support of our efforts.

    Warm regards,

    Brandi Taylor
    Executive Director
    The HUSH Foundation
Our Goals: Provide a solid, nurturing foundation, develop
inner talents,  inspire, train and mentor youth.
About The Hush Foundation
The Outcome of youth participation in our programs:
Confidence, High Achievement, Productive Citizens
Our Goal is to provide and maintain a solid foundation that nourishes the
natural-born, creative/athletic attributes in youth, inspires growth, supports
individual creative expression, disciplines, incites hard work, and sharpens
their talents so that they soar to greatness.

We believe that excelling in creative arts and athletic activities helps improve a
youth's academics because of the discipline obtained and the encouragement
to work hard received.
The HUSH Foundation is a community-based, cultural arts and sports
recreation organization established to develop the inner talents of youth
(including at-risk) who are creative or athletic. Our purpose is to inspire, train,
and build their confidence to perform to their best potential. Our focus is on
mentoring and providing youth with skills, tools, opportunities, and a strong
foundation for success to excel creatively or in sports and inspire us by them
reaching their dreams and aspirations.

The HUSH Foundation is unique in that we act in harmony with our moral
responsibility to extend support to the elderly.
Our Mission Statement: To inspire youth and be inspired by
their accomplishments.
Youth who have participated in our programs have benefited from having a
solid foundation for success and have gone on to become working
professionals in the fields of entertainment, sports, business,  
entrepreneurship, and more. Thus they have demonstrated that those who
excel in the arts and sports, are more prone to develop high self-esteem,
confidence, positive attitudes, and grow to become successful adults who
make positive contributions to society.

Bringing diverse students together to celebrate and inspire one another by
mobilizing arts, sports, and culture improves the quality of their life and their
communities, while raising the visibility of cultural arts and sports so that more
students are drawn to participate and their communities to be more supportive.